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The school and the local area have an increased demand for quality sports facilities. In response to this we would like to install a multi sports surface for our students and the community to use. This would provide a much needed space for a range of sports activities and would cater for the increasing requirement for our facilities from community groups. We will refurbish the existing tennis courts to create the new facility, which will offer our students year round sports opportunities. More sports will also be available to our pupils with the use of the multi purpose pitch. It will increase usage for pupils and the community throughout the year, leading to a self-sufficient facility which will generate income for the school annually. This will lead to further developments to our facilities which will benefit both students and community users.

Our pupils are unable to use the existing outdoor tennis courts during the winter months due to the weather negatively impacting its usage. Installing a multi sports facility will provide a much wider choice of sporting options both within P.E. lessons and extra-curricular activities such as badminton, volleyball, netball, tennis and hockey. Furthermore, the existing lighting which will be upgraded as part of the project, will ensure that the facility can be used during the evenings throughout the winter months.

In addition the lack of quality, year round sporting facilities in the area has created a need within our community for a usable sports space. We already have several community groups using our other facilities but we are unable to meet the requests of further community groups who have contacted us.

For a school of our size we have a relatively small amount of external space which means that we need to make the best use of the limited space available. This will allow our students and community groups to use the full range of our facilities for the maximum amount of time.

This project will benefit the 1600 students on roll and large numbers of people in the local community, increasing engagement with health and fitness. It will also encourage team activities and build the confidence of our students as we will be able to offer a greater number of sports appealing to a wider range of interests. It will support increased community use during evenings, weekends and school holidays as well as encourage extra-curricular participation from our students. It would also give us the opportunity to host sporting competitions.

Our students will benefit from this project during the school day but also spread the word within the local community that there is a great facility available at Whitley Bay High School. Many students and members of their families take part in local community groups too and would be using the multi sports facility as part of their recreation time outside school.

This project, when delivered, will also create a longer term income stream for our school. We have staffing in place for evenings, weekends and for school holiday clubs and could therefore accommodate an increase in usage with no additional salary expenditure or extension to our operating hours. We will charge reasonable rates for sustained community involvement and all the profits that are generated will be invested back into our school community.

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